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Premier League - Official App is exactly what the name says it is. This season, it comes with more news, more information, more data, and a better presentation than ever before. A real gem for proper footy fans.

When you start using the app, you can choose your favorite club (or clubs) so that whenever there's news related to your team you get a notification on your phone. Of course, you can also deactivate the alerts at any time in the app options.

The official apps from sports leagues usually offer just news. Premier League - Official App has news but it also offers much, much more. You can check out info about all the players, coaches, and teams in the league – see stats, achievements, awards, everything. Best of all, you can even see data from previous seasons, dating back more than 20 years to the '95/'96 season.

Premier League - Official App is an excellent app that doesn't just come loaded with tons of information – it also presents it all in great, organized way. Without a doubt, it's the example to follow for all the other official sport and league apps.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher